Himizu Manga Review


Himizu Manga Review

I finished this manga in 3hours, here’s my opinion. (Here will be spoilers, be careful.)

In my opinion it’s actually about a point of view about fatalism, which links closely to Japanese culture.

It’s about a teen who was born in a poor family whose father was in debt and ran away, and then his mother eloped with her new boyfriend. The main character’s dream was to be a simple and common person, but he found it really hard for him after one day he killed his father. After that he was always in a suicidal state, and also want to kill people who also killed people. And finally it led to his own suicide.

But personally I don’t think the tragedy was the author’s main idea, also I don’t think it’s about stuff like novel No Longer Human, I think it’s mainly about fatalism as the universe was mentioned in book. The beginning of the manga talked about amount of the non-normal death caused in Japan, so I think the author himself was emphasizing the fate.

When logically death and life are both meaningless, some people would commit suicide because they take it as a meaningful thing, as it’s the last battle between human and meanings. So we can say that nihilist wouldn’t suicide. The main character though seemed empty and nihilistic but he was definitely not a nihilist. He was just a simple teenage, like those we can see in our life. They’re afraid of growing up to be an ugly adult, becoming numb. Their views change all the time. This character was real with fleshes. What he did was just what his personality would lead him to.

Why would I think it’s a manga about fatalism? Just pay a attention to the ugly creature in some pages, it always talked to the main character when he woke up in the midnight, and also was not far away from him when he committed suicide. I think that creature was actually the figurative image of fate, it got into his life and always used its thoughts to change the actions of the main character, we can take it as a “tendency”.

I don’t think he’s cowardly or something, as the universe created in this manga used a system of fate, he has already tried his best to avoid it. He has already asked for help and struggled just to be a simple and common person, but he still failed because the thing he fought with was the fate.