xenofeminism 以下简称 XF

关键词:techno-materialism, anti-naturalism, gender abolitionism


里面提到了很多从第二浪女权主义学到的东西,但XF对其加上了补充,对于科技持较为乐观的态度。与eco-feminist不同,在xenofeminist的体系里,自然生态并不是作为基本存在的: Nature is understood here not as an essentializing underpinning for embodiment or ecology, but as a technologized space of conflict that fundamentally shapes lived experiences.

XF和玩解构的那套不同的是,肯定了生理上男女性别的存在,但性别是可hack的。要将妇女从生育中解放出来(from the tyranny of reproduction by every means possible)。在性别政治方面考虑除了性别外的多方面因素,比如种族、阶级等等。(We believe that traits associated not just with gender, but also with race, class, able-bodiedness, and so on, are unevenly loaded with social stigma, and often contribute to cultures of inequality.

Biology is not destiny, because biology itself can be technologically transformed, and should be transformed in the pursuit of reproductive justice and the progressive transformation of gender.

提到了上世纪比较早的激进女权书 The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution

gender abolitionism

XF所说的废止性别,更多的是废止性别二元论,所以拿社会主义目标作了个比方: just as the end goal of socialist revolution was not only the elimination of the economic class privilege but of the economic class distinction itself, so the end goal of feminist revolution must be [. . .] not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital difference between human beings would no longer matter culturally

社会主义目标不是消灭高阶级(阶级批斗),而是消灭阶级差异(阶级隔离),gender abolitionism也同理,不是用来批斗作为既得利益者的男性,而是消灭二元性别差异(二元性别隔离)。

Secondly, the phrase ‘gender abolitionism’ risks coming across as a demand for the paring back of gender – a demand that difference itself be abolished. This is not what we are advocating for at all. XF is not a call for gender austerity, but for gender post-scarcity! It does not seek ‘the eradication of what are currently considered “gendered” traits from the human population’ – not least because, under current conditions, ‘such a project could only spell disaster – the notion of what is “gendered” sticks disproportionately to the feminine’. If anything, it is the restrictions upon gendered identity that we want to see scrapped; the tenacious binary thinking that continues to funnel identities into male and female, feminine and masculine, despite the obvious paucity of this model. Far from producing a genderless world, then, this form of abolition through proliferation is suggestive of a multiply gendered world. Xenofeminism is gender abolitionist in the sense that it rejects the validity of any social order anchored in identities as a basis of oppression, and in the sense that we embrace sexuate diversity beyond any binary.


gender hacking & gynepunk


从第二浪女权主义运动里的self-help之Del Em发展而来。当时有self-help是因为妇女没有堕胎权,所以只能靠ME(详见 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_extraction )的方式自助堕胎,非常原始但也是在当时社会环境下没有办法的办法。

gender hacking里的开源药物概念有点像平时我们所说的开源软件。由于互联网的发展,gender hacking已经初具规模,但是目前还是停留在灰色地带,比如暗网买药之类的。现在互联网上已经有一小部分DIY-HRT社区,通过药物对自己体内的性激素进行改造、对身体进行探索,通过3d打印等等科学技术让人类有更多嵌入式的器官。

To trade in the rule of bureaucrats for the market is, however, not a victory in itself. These tides need to rise higher. We ask whether the idiom of ‘gender hacking’ is extensible into a long-range strategy, a strategy for wetware akin to what hacker culture has already done for software. [. . .] Without the foolhardy endangerment of lives, can we stitch together the embryonic promises held before us by pharmaceutical 3D printing (‘Reactionware’), grassroots telemedical abortion clinics, gender hacktivist and DIY-HRT forums, and so on, to assemble a platform for free and open source medicine?


提到了一本书 Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics in the Pharmacopornographic Era

In addition to helping under-served communities (including sex workers, migrants, and trans* people) to circumnavigate medical gatekeepers, the GynePunk project espouses a positive ethos of corporeal self experimentation. It views the body as ‘a technology to be hacked, from the established ideas of gender and sex, to exploring the capacity to start researching ourselves, to find our own ideas and technologies, to help us be free, autonomous and independent from the system’.